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I help ignite a new perspective in your thinking. To influence how we see tomorrows world and how we can create the change needed for the better.

More about me

Hi! I’m Anks, a certified brand strategist.

Do you feel invigorated at the thought of making a difference? You just know there is more to life than meets the eye. Well, we must align because I’m right there!

After graduating in Software Design at university, I worked for several years at the Subway, the sandwich chain. I didn’t know it, but my path shifted for the better, and I grew distant from the craft of programming. I took on a dual role as an Area Manager and a Consultant helping business owners become profitable. I felt I impacted people, giving them a new perspective on improving their businesses. It was a rewarding time for me, and I learnt a lot. 

Working with amazing people firsthand kindled my interest in personal brands’ power, later realising its impact on the business. My troubled years early on helped transform my thinking and outlook on my life.

Innately I longed for personal growth; it grew my aspirations to help others with the tools to live a more fulfilled life. There is nothing as rewarding or of a higher purpose.

I look to dedicate the rest of my life to what I’m passionate about; transformation.

A more in-depth story about my histroy can read here.

Continuous Transformation

Our every imperfection
makes us truly unique.

I love the idea Wabi Sabi, which stems from Japanese aesthetic; beauty in imperfections. We are all on a continuous process of transformation; growth is what we all seek. We live in a infinite cycle of becoming better than we are.

Taught by world-renowned branding expert Marty Neumeier.

Founder of Peoplepreneur® – A place of grow, development and contribution.

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