Brand & People Strategist

Internally connected.
External corrected.

Alignment is critical in creating growth, specifically in your personal and professional paths. For professional development to happen, you must grow personally. If you only rely on developing strategies, implementations and executing them, hoping they transform the trajectory of the business, there is some reflection to be had. I help you align those two critical aspects in your brand.

Your brand has unlocked potential; that potential is based on how you develop alongside it.
When you grow, you intrinsically nurture the brand too.
Brand strategies will help you develop the realisations and connections needed for execution.

made certain.

Having crystal clear clarity is about leading with intention. Knowing who you are and how you serve guides all that proceeds before you in your business. Many times we are on autopilot or making decisions on what we think works; this is damaging the brand. Intentionally influence your brand.

Get certain today


A brand is an emotional connection that influences our behaviours and actions. Which means to maintain the brand connection we need to seek out the disconnections occuring. The connected threads of a brand creates the strength; the stronger the connection the stronger the brand.

Maintain a connection

To adopt is
is to adapt.

Your audience gravitate to brands that connect them and fulfil a need. They adopt an identity from their favourite brand’s; they adapt by internalising that identity. Strategy will help you establish that core substance that your audience needs from you.

Adapt now

In constant change,
constantly change.

We live in a world of constant change which means your audience are being affected by many influences that shape who they are and what they need. A brand strategy is plan that also evolves with your audience; a constant pulse need to be checked to maintain a connection.

I need change

Amazing People

Anks is my “people strategy therapist”…

Anks helped me get clarity for my business, I can’t thank him enough for what he has done. I felt that spark of transformation right across my eyes ✨. Why would you take my words for it? Because I do strategy for a living and I failed to do it for my own business, I needed to see it from a different perspective. I had been going on a loop for a very long time but thankfully I finally found my answer. I highly recommend Anks; he’s empathetic, caring, genuine, honest and trustworthy.

Amine Hammou
Strategist & Designer, Brand Orchestrate.