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Brand doesn't stop.

We’re not prepared to either.

A brand is a continuous process, evolving and adapting to the many ways that people connect. Time is a resource we’d hate to waste, we know. It’s why strategic thinking allows us to help influence your thinking so that you waste little time and money in pursuit of a successful business.

This private space is where change seeking professionals like yourselves get insights, thought-provoking ideas, be challenged to think differently and actionable support. Are you ready to accept change to see the difference? Join us.

Meet your host

Humaira Akhter

Personal Brand Strategist

"Looking to help individuals understand themselves deeply to bring a level of awareness where it opens up the conscious minds to endless possibilities beyond their imagination"

Anks Patel

Strategist and Peoplepreneur®

"Seeking to help you become the catalyst of change in your community. To be able to incorporate brand consciously and intentionally to create the change you desire"

The inside scoop...

Hey, I’m glad you’re here; listen closely, here’s the scoop – someone told me that this platform is no stranger to diverse professionals, all with one common goal, change. The aim is to ultimately bring alignment and connectivity to each member. Done so every week, ranging between brand updates, thoughts, learning material, actionable insights, monthly live sessions, news and updates. This is a communal space, a safe and open, judgement-free zone. Get this, for professional changes to be possible, we need to initially grow personally! So cool.

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Scheduled Grams

Week 1 –  17.11.21
Gravitational Brands
The very first gram and we introduce the concept of Gravitational Brand.
Week 2 –  22.11.21
Defining Brand
We’re going to look at the definition of brand and how it works in context.
Week 3 –  29.11.21
Brand Alignment
The most crucial aspect of brand is the alignment. Are you aligned? Find out.
Week 4 –  06.12.21
What is purpose? Why do we need it? What does it do for us? An intro into why..
Week 5 –  13.12.21
Purpose Con’t
Finding your purpose. How do we go about finding our core strength.
Week 6 –  20.12.21
Purpose Con’t
Writing your statement, how does it connect with you. How if affect everything.

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