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1:1 Workshop

What enables you to be purposeful in your life?
Through a series of workshops, find and reconnect with what enables you to be the best version of yourself. Learn what drives you, why you are where you are and move forward with intention.


The feeling a purposeless life creates.

Feel Meaningless

What you are currently doing does not feel like you’ve contributed to anything substantial, and it’s leaving you wondering, is this what you’re supposed to be doing? Do you lack a sense of completeness; something is missing, making you feel less than you are? There must be more to life?

Feel Disconnected

You are constantly seeking something; trying many things in your profession for a sense of fulfilment? Without a connected reason, you spend your days in search mode, believing what you are doing is right, only later to realise that you are still feeling disconnected and uncertain.

Feel Directionless

You might be confused about what decisions to make, where to apply yourself or why even bother in the first place. You are not being pulled toward something that invigorates you; instead, you seek validation externally to help you take the next step.

Feel Focusless

Although you are concentrating, you’re still unsure why you are not progressing. You may be feeling distant from attaining what you want. Perhaps you are overwhelmed by everything you want to do and looking for ways to filter what’s important; you lack laser focus.

I know the feeling but I've found a way.

I’m meant for more; I feel it inside. Well, that’s what I told myself during my most challenging days; it worked. However, there was still a gap. I went from one job to another, one client to another, and one business to another. I felt far from genuinely doing what my heart was calling for.

I was led by what others did, what society dictated, everything and anything but my internal voice. It cost me many days and nights trying to be something or someone that wasn’t me. If only I knew of my understanding today, I could have been more intentional in what I apply myself to.

I want to save that time for you and help give you the direction you need so that you can become powerfully enabled in your pursuit.

Let me show you the way.

A purposeful life means

Naturally be who you know you are

Decision making becomes intentional

Create change within and to others around you

Applying yourself to what is most impactful

Contribute in meaningful ways

Speak and engage with confidence

What we’ll cover together

Current Compass

An overview of how you are currently navigating yourself, see how purpose affects your inner compass.

Understand You Better

A deeper dive into everything you; where we explore some thought-provoking questions that surface some powerful truths.

Facts and Themes

Consolidate the patterns that surround your life. We break down what we've explored into 'Facts' and nurture them into 'Themes'.

Define Your Purpose

Together, we craft our findings into a concise statement using a simple framework.

Purpose is not a

one-and-done task

Finding purpose is a transformative process.

Once you’ve established a purpose, note that a statement is not set in stone; it can adapt; however, your essence will never change. As we explore more profound truths, you may find thoughts you have never thought about in such ways; it’s a true testament to the saying “why you do what you do”.

Acceptance is a big part of purpose; the willingness to be open and internalise the realisations that begin to manifest will be the game changer.


Find Your Purpose
  • 1:1 with Anks Patel
  • Exploration of current internal navigation
  • Series of collaborative sessions
  • Powerful realisations
  • All worksheets of findings

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