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A new brand does not need to be created. Firstly, it’s already live. Secondly, we need to bring to the surface what disconnections lay in the brand that is influencing a lack of growth. Heres a quick outline.

Create alignment

Realisations that are worth exploring.

The first step in growth is discovery. What do you know that you don't? Discovery is about realisations, to find out something you knew within you just brought into the light. It's a profound moment; just you wait and see. Anks helps you explore three key areas that will help you get to the surface of the insights that will help shape and shift you into gear towards transformation.

Create a plan

Align your why

Lead from within. Without the guesswork.

Develop a keen sense of your why, why? Because it will inform everything you do, the decisions you make, it instructs those that follow, the business's direction, and how you navigate to get there. If you are not clear, how will the team be, let alone the audience?

I need to align

Build a strategy

I love it when a brand comes together.

Strategy is so much more than frameworks and roadmaps. Strategy is a way of thinking, a creative approach to solving a problem. Building out a plan for the brand is only one side of the strategic coin. If you are not transforming with the brand, the job is only half done. Anks make sure both ends of the brand are connected.

Create a plan

Brand Connection

Live the brand.
Always be connected.

You now have the workings of a brand, grand! What happens now? How do you activate it? What do we need to do? How does it work? How do I know it's working? A lot of professionals can build a brand though you are responsible for nurturing that growth. This phase is what Anks calls the brand connection. It's developing and maintaining the brand you intended to build.

Create a brand

Why me?


As we advance, we leave behind a little of our humanity. Then to realise we have forgotten who we are, what matters or what holds value. I help connect you with your true self, lean inwards and help you bring align with true fulfilment.

Fresh perspective

What worked yesterday will not work tomorrow; we need to stay adaptive. We must be conscious of the changes that affect our people. I help bring a fresh perspective that enables you to think deeply about what matters the most.

Driven by change

The future is now, this moment, this second; our decisions need to be intentional. Nothing will ever change unless we are also part of that transition. I help you develop your mind to step forward with conviction.

Amazing People

“Anks extracted our inner thoughts and brought it to life…”

I cannot begin to explain the transformation Anks has helped us with. At first, I was hesitant to having had unpleasant services elsewhere. Anks extracted our inner thoughts and brought it to life, better than I’d imagined. Our thinking has changed and made us more confident today in our pursuit. We were initially looking for a company to help with our business but ended up finding a partner instead.

Pav Singh
Professional DJ, Unity Group

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