Local Pharmaceutical Committee

Local committees that represents

community pharmacies.

Scope of work

Identity Design
Visual Communication
Brand Messaging
Graphic Design
Brand Collateral
Stationary Design


There was no doubt we’d align with the team at Leicester’s Local Pharmaceutical Committee; we shared the same enthusiasm for helping people. We were initially tasked to redesign the existing brand identity; this soon led to improving the communications through their brand collateral.

With the existing presence, the committee looked lifeless and stale. They felt that they were losing momentum over time and needed to reassure the committee’s strength and efforts.

Vast amounts of information had to be fed to the regional Pharmacists and Contractors’. It was clear that the overall messages were being diluted in the mass pages of reading material; very little brand presence and overloaded content of information.


We created assets using familiar health associations with the colour green; the lime palette was bright and refreshing. The identity stemmed from making a mark that would be friendly and comforting yet familiar. We took the circular shape and used it as a basis of recognition; simple geometric shapes.

The documentation and presentations looked mundane and boring. We used iconography to trigger messages and breathe life back into their communication. The refreshed logo allowed us to be playful with visual imagery and direction.

Consistent brand assets meant the committee was able to speak with intent during group meetings confidently. Contractor briefings were well received, and they managed to leverage initiative with senior members of Health boards.

The project welcomed various other committees groups who were impressed by these efforts. We are fortunate to be working with other regional groups from West Midlands, Hertfordshire, Warickshire, Worchester and Devonshire.

Some kind words

Over the past few years, we as an organisation have built a brilliant working relationship with Anks Patel making them our go-to company for all our brand needs. No matter how big or small the project, Anks Patel has always produced content of the highest quality and never failed to impress us with his creative ideas and execution. Every experience with Anks Patel has been professional yet personal. Professional in their timelines, process and execution. Personal in their understanding of our business and creative ideas tailored to our audience. The perfect combination that has helped us as an organisation best serve our clients whilst maximising our brand potential.

Anks conducts himself with the highest level of integrity, transparency and commitment, values that we as an organisation working within the Health care and Pharmacy industry highly value. He has been dedicated to helping us transition and evolve with the ever-changing world around us. Anks’s innovative and creative approach continuously impresses our staff and clients with their high-quality service, always leaving a lasting impression.

Despite not knowing the inner workings of the Health care and Pharmacy industry, Anks has taken the time to learn about the nature of our work so they could understand our organisation and help us put our people at the centre. The dedication, passion and enthusiasm for wanting to best help us help our clients has been apparent in every project we have worked on. This consistency has resulted in our organisation no longer needing to look for external design inspiration, Anks Patel is our one and only choice for all our brand needs and we would highly recommend enlisting their services no matter what industry your organisation works in.

From ideation to execution, Anks has always left us with a smile on our faces and there is absolutely no doubt they will have the same effect on any other organisation. We are excited to work on future projects with and look forward to continuing building upon our strong working relationship.

Thank you, Anks, for all you have done for the LLR LPC to date! With your support and continual hard work, we have been able to provide better health care provisions to those within Leicestershire and Rutland.

Rita Patel, Cheif Officer