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Reframing Purpose

By November 25, 2022Latest, Personal Development, Purpose3 min read

This week we explore Purpose.

We’re sure you’d agree it has become a buzzword today; everyone seems to talk about being purposeful and meaningful. It looks like without one; you’re not living life in a meaningful way? Well, let me dismantle that belief.

Purpose undoubtedly is a crucial piece of what we call your compass. An internal navigation system that allows you to lead your life in intentional ways, at the source of it is Purpose.

Today people use Purpose to explain ‘what they do. Need proof, try having multiple conversations with people and ask them what they believe their Purpose is. We’ve done so, and here are examples of what has been said before:

  1. Bringing businesses together
  2. Making bespoke water-tight contracts possible for companies.
  3. Knowing your home is in good hands
  4. Restoring faith in marketing, one client at a time
  5. Getting you noticed on the internet
  6. Helping you communicate effectively to your target audience

Even the famous Simons Sinek’s Golden Circle, presented in one of his most influential videos, misinterprets it as Purpose.

Let me ask, “when was the last time you questioned a business’s purpose before purchasing its products?” was that a qualifier to your decision-making? Perhaps not in such a direct way.

What perhaps helped you make a decision was the values the company expressed. The impact within you can be so fast that you’re unaware of it. Expressed through their actions and behaviour.

A ‘why’ is a reason.

Why do you do it? -> What are the ‘reasons’ behind what you do? -> What is the decisive reason you do what you do?

Here are examples reasons, though you may have many of your own:

  • I believe that life needs this type of change
  • I want to be able to make my family happy
  • I want to live longer to see my children get married
  • I’ve always been like this; I MUST make the change
  • I know I’m meant for more


So what is a Purpose?

It has enabled you to do what you do—allowing you to overcome the hurdles. It gave you powerful reasons [why’s] to accomplish what you are here to do.

Here is what we define Purpose to be:

Purpose is who you are without thinking.

It creates more focus on the world around you, allowing you to make more informed decisions in your life.

You are your Purpose and to lean into it, you must be active in doing something that fulfils you; only then can you say you are purposeful in what you do.

Here is a snippet of a Purpose workshop and the effects of forming realisations of who you are; we did it with an incredible person, Selma Makuiii; take a listen.

Are you looking to Find Purpose? Here’s how we can help; Find Purpose.

Champions, stay purposeful by taking action in what brings you the most fulfilment.

Anks Patel

Peoplepreneur® – Life & Mindset Coach

Stay Fulfilled.

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