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Your True Villain

By November 25, 2022Latest, Personal Development3 min read

It’s the one question I have always thought about. Was it that we weren’t good enough, clever or smart enough, gifted enough, lucky enough, having the right environment, the right people around us? All are valid contributors but not the sole reason.

We are in control of what enters and sticks.

We all have challenges, obstacles, problems, difficulties, issues, disconnections, frustrations, misalignments, fear, a lack of confidence, or whatever it is that is stopping us. If something is affecting you, it’s not because something is wrong on the outside; it’s what’s happening inside. You see, a top-level orchestrator within you has power over you, your true villain!

The Villain – ‘Lack of Direction’

‘Direction’ sits in your decisions, choices, behaviour, action, movement, thoughts, application, and speech. Taking control over how you progress in your life, business, career, or even in a job is a matter of controlling the directions we give ourselves. With the proper directives, we can avoid results that do not work in our favour.

Anything that is not empowering you is a directive that needs to be readdressed. They can reside in your beliefs, values, thoughts, clarity, awareness, and understanding, knowledge.

Check out this basic illustration:

When we are genuinely congruent within ourselves (top section), we can make informed decisions about our future, down to daily choices and actions (bottom section).

You see, there is a reaction to every action we take; think of it as a feedback loop that either takes you towards or away from achieving what you wanted. For many people knowing what they are aiming for is not yet defined, or it’s for a short-term win.

The trouble here is that staying in a mindset of short term will keep you constantly questioning the wrong things, we need to reframe that.

We believe that addressing the villain and defining what sets those directives up is the beginning journey to an intentional life, what we determine to be a personal compass. An internal navigation system directs our life’s what, where, how and why.

I will dive into what this looks like in the paid membership in the coming weeks for those looking for a deeper understanding.

As Peoplepreneur® grows, I will update you on how we are shaping this into a live group programme but in the meantime, I want you to think over the following:


Where are your efforts propelling you towards?

From working at a job to earn money, building a business, spending time with a friend, speaking on stage, traveling to another country, whatever it may be, where are you taking yourself? Get clear on it.

You see, investing your time and committing yourself to something should bring you joy not only for passion but because it is an intentional step closer to your end goal.

Direct your life.

Anks Patel

Peoplepreneur® – Life & Mindset Coach

Stay Fulfilled.

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