Must Thrive

Reigniting humanity's inner power to contribute
to change from the potential trapped within.

If there was any label that defines me, it’s Peoplepreneur. Someone who is innately people-driven that looks to impact the lives of others. Why? Because what ultimately fulfils us is the contribution we make in people, it’s a win-win proposition.

Peoplepreneur was formed from an idea that began serendipitously during an 8km walk, an accumulation of my thoughts, questions, and emotions. Growing up, I lacked a lot, which fortunately shaped my thinking and perspective.

Over the years, I spent much of my time seeking my calling. I found little guidance from the external world; everywhere I turned, it seemed like the many were focused on themselves. Help was conditional, and people could not see the value in others. Without many faults of their own, they live life misguided.

As I rally behind this change and the future I pursue, I find myself in the service of others. My passion for people brings me firmly into the realm of personal transformation.

How can I serve you?

Become fulfilled by the work you do.

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Clarity I needed to move forward with meaning and intention…

Anks has an amazing mind and with his keen perception he peers into your soul and pulls the most authentic version of you to the surface. The process is not only revealing but it's absolutely necessary to building a sustainable business that accurately reflects who you are.

Telyse Bee
Creative Strategist, Unconventional Brilliance
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